Flip The Switch Live

Luxury Transformational Retreat

2nd - 4th September 2022

Otaki, New Zealand

This will be the most life-changing weekend you will ever experience

The Countdown is on!

Are you ready to change your life?

Our clear goals for this weekend






Understand how it happens, why it happens to you and in this powerful session, we will stop it from holding you back for a moment longer.




Low Self-Esteem causes an individual to view themselves as inadequate, unlovable, or incompetent. Our signature 'I Am Amazing' session will set you free from these beliefs to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Create Clarity of Purpose


Navigating life's path is so much easier, more satisfying and more fun when your vision is clear and your purpose is aligned to your core values.

This session will create the blueprint to complete your transformation.

the weekend

This weekend will take you from a place of limitation to a place where you will be free to step fully into who you can really be.

The thinking that has held you back will have been transformed. This will be the most life-changing weekend that you will have ever experienced.

We have a substantial collection of treats for you to take home, the food will be delicious and wines, quite fine. You will sleep in style too but none of this will compare to the priceless benefit of this transformational therapy and the answers that will line up for you that have the power to change your life.

This truly is an investment in you and for you.

We look forward to having you join us because you are worth it.

Margôt de Cotesworth


About Your Host

Margôt's vision is to see people living their best life which can sound a bit cliché but in fact people don't live to their potential because they have no concept of who they really are.

It's time for people to discover what's truly possible for them because the power is in their hands to create a life they choose, not just one that fate has just randomly delivered.. It's time to discover what they are capable of being and doing, in life. in relationships, in the way they live and what they can achieve.

Why settle for a small existence when there is an expansive, enlightened, enriched life just waiting for them to step into.

Margôt says she knows how to achieve this and she is on a mission to share it - and maybe change the world a bit in the process.

The Experience

You will arrive from 2pm and settle into your room before joining the group at 3 for a welcome introduction and afternoon tea followed by a session led by Helen Cartwright to enable you to create true purpose in your life, aligned to our core human needs, and motivated by all that is available to you.

We'll then regroup for a cocktail hour with Martin Halliday and a relaxed Moroccan dinner.

If you wish to, we have guided mediations and yoga in the mornings before breakfast and then our first hypnotherapy session. After which we'll break into small groups each with a therapist to talk through the session. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions too.

After lunch on Saturday Claudia will take you though the rules of the mind and how they relate to your success.

we'll have our second therapy session in the afternoon and accompanying debrief before regrouping for champagne and a classic French dinner.

The third therapy session and group debrief is on Sunday before lunch.

We'll depart The Milk Station by 3pm

The Venue

The Otaki Milk Station on the Kapiti Coast is a superb historical venue. Just an hour north of Wellington, it’s a world away.

The Station’s history and stories are draped in contemporary character and inspired design. Built in 1919, many of its original features remain. Its rustic charm is perfect if you want a wedding venue, conference venue, or event venue with a difference. It is now a Historic Places Trust Grade II recognised building.

The recent renovation is influenced by early Italian architects and a vision. Original exposed riveted steel beams blended with fine art from Europe; four acres of stunning gardens against a quiet background of Tararua Ranges – each corner, paving square and black iron chandelier has been thoughtfully chosen.

The Milk Station

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